2016 EARLYCHILDHOODMEDIA.ORG a new video documentation resource of early childhood education in Bloomington Indiana, to support training and learning for the global early childhood education community. The site has over 500 video clips, movies and interviews.

2015  EDU-MEDIA-BG.COM a new video resource to support training and learning for the early childhood education community in Bulgaria. The site has over 300 video clips and movies, articles, lectures and interviews.

2014  INCLUSIONSERIES.ORG a new video resource to support training and learning about a variety of educational and human issues. The site has some 700 video clips.

2013 INCLUSIONSERIES.COM a website for the award winning best selling series.

2013 BALKAN JAZZ, Comforty Media Concepts. A documentary about two musician brothers and their friends, and how music, war, luck and survival shaped their lives.

2011 EDUCATORS’ TOOLBOX, Sofia University and Comforty Media Concepts. Workshop with K-12 teachers about media literacy and classroom usage of media for education, communication, and documentation.

2010 THE FUTURE IS NOW, Tufts University, Sofia University, and Comforty Media Concepts. Strategic plan for an Early Childhood Development Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a major documentation and research project focused on Best Practices in early childhood education in the United States and in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

2010 TEACHER STEREOTYPES, Sofia University department of continuous Education. A new media projects comprised of interviews with teachers, directors, parents, students, and experts about teaching and being a teacher.

2009 MISIKUN LESIKUY, Comforty Media Concepts, Ashalim JDC Israel. A two-year documentary project about an inclusion program of toddlers with special needs in a day care center in Ashkelon, Israel.

2008 INCLUSIVE EDUCATION: THE VARNA EXPIRIENCE, Comforty Media Concepts. Educational documentary about inclusive education of all children into school and community. For an International Educational Conference organized by the City of Varna, Bulgaria, October 2008.

2008 THIS IS MY BODY and TESTIMONY, Comforty Media Concepts Ashalim JDC Israel. Two videos about people with disabilities who were victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

2007 PENKA’S SCHOOL OF LOVE. Comforty Media Concepts. A short educational documentary about a pioneer of early childhood education in Bulgaria. For the Fourth International Conference on Children and Adults, Adults and Children” organized by the Elisabeth Clarke and Penka Kassabova Association, Sofia, Bulgaria, and it’s chair, Dr. Rayna Zaharieva, PhD.

2005 FRIENDSHIP. Comforty Media Concepts/Inclusion Press International. Educational documentary about the importance of friendship in the inclusion of children into community, society and school.

2001 THE OPTIMISTS. Comforty Media Concepts/The Chambon Foundation. Independent documentary about the rescue of Bulgarian Jewry from the Holocaust. Peace Prize winner at the Berlin International Film Festival and First Prize for “Documenting the Jewish Experience,” the Jerusalem International Film Festival 2000.

2000 INCLUSION HIGH. Comforty Media Concepts/Chicago Public Schools. Documentary about the inclusion of students from 60 nations one Chicago high school.

1998 IN THE SHADOW OF MEMORY. Comforty Media Concepts/The Collected Image. A documentary about living in the aftermath of Lidice, the Catholic Czech town destroyed by the Nazis during World War II for alleged Resistance collaborations. Funding made possible by Chambon Foundation. CINE Golden Eagle, 1998. Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Jerusalem International Film Festival, Communicator Award, Bronze award.

1996 THROUGH A GLASS, LIGHTLY: THE ARTISTS COMMENT ON RECLAMATION AND TRANSFORMATION. Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago, IL. About the lives and work of three outsider-artists who collect what others discard, turn it into sculpture and paintings, and, through art, teach inner city youth to appreciate and care for their surroundings. 1997 CINE Golden Eagle; 1995 First Prize, Arts: Artists Category, American Association of Museums Muse Awards; 1995 Bronze Apple, NEMN.

1995 UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM. 54 hours of oral histories conducted with Bulgarian Jews and 58 photos from the Comforty Collection of over 5,000 photos for permanent archiving and future use in museum exhibitions.

1995 ST. LOUIS HOLOCAUST MUSEUM . 30 Hour oral history project. Historical research, archival photo, and film research. Five videos and eight audio programs and their integration into this museum dedicated to Holocaust education.

1992 THE FULL CIRCLE: Excerpts from Survivors’ Stories. A video programs integrated in the permanent exhibit of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum. Excerpts from oral histories with individuals who benefited from Hoover’s famine relief efforts during the two World Wars, interwoven with archival film footage and photographs.

1991-1997 THE INCLUSION SERIES. Gold Hugo (Chicago International Film Festival), 1993 Media Award for Contributions to People with Severe Disabilities granted by Illinois-TASH (The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps, a leading, nation-wide advocacy organization.), for The Inclusion Series. This 10 tape best-selling series is distributed to educational institutions nation-wide and internationally by Comforty Media Concepts.

Inclusion Series: Best-Selling Programs

1996 Step by Step: Heather’s Story. 65-minute documentary video for parents and educators about inclusion over time. This video provides a two-year, longitudinal look at a little girl with Down Syndrome who progresses from special education classroom to neighborhood school. 1997 Gold Hugo.

1993 Families, Friends, Futures. 23-minute documentary video for general audiences about the need for inclusion of young people with disabilities into both school and community.

1992 Inclusion: Issues for Educators. 20-minute documentary video addressing inclusion from the perspective of teachers and administrators.

1991 Choices. 30-minute documentary video profiling four individuals with disabilities and their inclusion into regular classrooms.