In The Shadow of Memory


A one-hour documentary film about on-going struggles of children and grandchildren to come to grips with Nazi horrors suffered by their elders. The film focuses on Jerri Zbiral, the daughter of a survivor of the Nazi destruction of the Catholic village of Lidice, Czechoslovakia. Even though Jerri was born after the war, her mother’s stories continue to have a profound effect on her life. The 50th anniversary of the Lidice massacre provides a back-drop for Jerri to speak with women who survived the ordeal, with German visitors to the memorial ceremony and with others.

In the Shadow of Memory is a compelling story that addresses emotional issues that span generations. What do we tell children about personal tragedies? How do we resolve grief, anger and long-standing hatreds? How do we communicate across ethnic barriers?



Cine Golden Eagle
Bronze Award Flagstaff International Film Festival
Communicator Christal Award
Distinguished selection, Karlovy Vary Film Festival
Selection Jerusalem International Film Festival

Reviews About the Film:

…a powerful teaching tool on the effects of Nazi terrorism on succeeding generations. By demonstrating how prejudice and bigotry does not by itself diminish with the passing of time, the tragic story of Lidice is a legacy for all people…The fact that the film deals with a non-Jewish incident, the impact of evil on children and subsequent generations is one which must be communicated to a mass audience.”

Karen Friedman, Director, ADL Braun Holocaust Institute

An excellent and multifaceted film about coming to grips with a horrific event; powerfully instructive on how the ways in which we remember the past impacts on present and future generations….In the many gripping stories presented here, memory defies the ultimate intentions of the Nazis and provides timely warnings on the universal dangers of prejudice, ethnic hatred, and aggressive war.”

Leon Stein, Professor of History, Roosevelt University and Educational
Director, Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois

Interweaving the tragedy of Lidice and the wounds of memory, In the Shadow of Memory is a necessary reminder of unforgettable scars and our continuing need to confront them”

Pierre Sauvage, director, Weapons of the Spirit; president, Chanbon Foundation