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The Inclusion Series
Winner of

Gold Hugo Award


Media Award
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Through A Glass,
Winner of


MUSE Award, American Association of Museums
CINE Golden Eagle
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In the Shadow
of Memory
winner of


CINE Golden Eagle

The Communicator Award
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Comforty Media Concepts is an award-winning educational media production and distribution company that specializes in multimedia about social issues, history, art, science, and ethics. Our guiding philosophy is humane: Empathic, and Compassionate Film Making.

CMC clients include educational publishers and museums, universities, school systems, social service agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

Jacky's directorial work has received many prestigious international awards. Comforty's programs are used around the world and in many different set-ups. They are informative, insightful, and authentic. They build sensitivity and  inspire learning and thinking.

Jacky Comforty is the founder and president of Comforty Media Concepts. He is an internationally acclaimed independent filmmaker and media creator. He commands multiple genres and has created comedy, documentaries, drama, and multimedia programs for  educational, general, and universal  audiences. He is a visionary media artist and a popular speaker on a wide variety of subjects. Fluent in 4 languages, he is at home in 4 different cultures and 3 different continents.


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The Optimists
Winner of

Peace Prize
Berlin International 
Film Festival

First Prize
Jerusalem International Film Festival

CINE Golden Eagle
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The Optimists

Classroom DVD
& Study
Now available
in 3 different versions
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Bitush Comforty
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